How Do You Replace a Swivel Sweeper Battery?


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To replace a Swivel Sweeper battery, first remove the uncharged battery by pressing its sides to break its connection with the On/Off switch on the handle. Insert the charged battery in its place by firmly pressing it between the metal tabs.

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To charge a Swivel Sweeper battery, remove it from the sweeper and place it in the battery charger. Align the downward-facing arrow on the battery with the upward-facing arrow on the charger and press until it clicks. This indicates that the battery is firmly in the charger. Plug in the charger and look for a red light that signifies the battery is charging. Charging is complete when the light turns off, and squeezing the sides of the battery and pulling in an upward direction releases it from the charger.

The Swivel Sweeper is a cordless sweeper that has the ability to clean in any direction. It comes with two rechargeable batteries, each of which has 45 minutes of continuous power, as well as two chargers. The Swivel Sweeper is outfitted with a touchless dirt tray that opens to release debris from the bottom of the sweeper and bristles that the user can remove and easily clean by hand when they get clogged. It also features a strong handle that offers a wide range of control, regardless of the surface being vacuumed.

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