How to Replace a Swamp Cooler With Air Conditioning?


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The process of replacing of an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, with an air conditioner varies based on the type of cooler being replaced. Portable, window unit and central swamp coolers can be replaced by air conditioners.

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To replace a portable swamp cooler, remove any hoses from windows or ductwork, and replace the unit with a portable air conditioner. Some portable air conditioners must also be vented through windows or ductwork, while others circulate existing air in a room and do not require venting.

A window-unit swamp cooler can be replaced by removing the unit, and any brackets or sashes. A window-unit air conditioner can then be installed using the proper brackets for that unit and sashes that fill any spaces between the sides of the unit and the window frame.

A central swamp cooling system can either be removed or left in place before installing a central air conditioning system. If a homeowner wishes to use existing ductwork without modification, the swamp cooler must be removed. If the swamp cooler is left in place, ductwork must be built or modified to accommodate the air conditioner unit. Ductwork may also need to be replaced if it meets the specifications of the swamp cooler, but not the central air conditioning system.

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