How Do You Replace a Starter Capacitor?


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When replacing a starter capacitor, identify the capacitor's microfarad rating and operating voltage to make sure it is being replaced with a capacitor with the correct rating and voltage. Make certain that no electricity is running into the capacitor, and then unscrew the capacitor strap with a flat blade screwdriver. Use insulated pliers to remove all wires from the damaged capacitor's terminal. Replace these wires on the new capacitor. Reattach the wires, and mount the capacitor with the strap.

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When removing the wires from the damaged or faulty capacitor's terminal, be very careful to not cause any damage to the machine's wiring or circuits. Use the insulated pliers to carefully push each wire's connector over the terminal to ensure correct installation. Pay close attention to the machine's wire colors, and reattach them to the correct terminals.

When mounting the capacitor back onto the compressor unit, the new capacitor may have a different-sized diameter even if it has the correct microfarad rating and operating voltage. If this is the case, use a shim or washer to make certain that the capacitor strap firmly and securely mounts the new capacitor to the compressor unit. It may also be wise to replace the capacitor's relay when replacing the capacitor itself. These parts can be easily damaged and are a common reason capacitors become faulty. Replacing the relay can help ensure no further problems happen with the new capacitor.

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