How Do You Replace a Speed Switch on a Hunter Fan?

replace-speed-switch-hunter-fan Credit: LOOK Photography/UpperCut Images / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To replace a speed switch on a Hunter fan, unscrew the fan switch chain guide to release the 4-wire speed switch. Pull the switch from its housing, note the labeling of the connections and disconnect the wires using a straightened paperclip. Connect the replacement switch, and test.

Before beginning the task, switch off the power supply to the Hunter fan. Locate the switch housing that is present below the fan blades. If there is a light kit attached in the switch housing, disconnect it by untwisting its black and white wires. Unscrew the fan switch chain guide, and pull out the 4-wire speed switch from the housing.

Note the labeling of the wire connections in the switch. Look for letter L and numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the side of the switch that corresponds to the wire color. Insert a straightened paperclip into the opening on the side of the switch to release the tension that holds the four wires in the speed switch. Pull all the four wires one by one from the switch.

Insert the paperclip again in a similar fashion to slide the ends of the four wires into the openings adjacent to the paperclip. Replace the fan switch chain through the opening in the switch. Finally, reassemble the switch housing cap or the light kit, switch on the power supply and test the replacement speed switch.