How Do You Replace a Shower Head?

How Do You Replace a Shower Head?

To replace a shower head, turn off the water, remove the old shower head, and install the new shower head after cleaning the pipe and applying thread seal tape. Performing this task requires a new shower head, a few soft rags, paper towels, a wrench, thread seal tape and a sturdy stool. The process takes around 15 minutes. Before starting, read all instructions included with the shower head, and make sure that the shower head is fully assembled.

  1. Make sure the water to the shower is off

    Turn off the water faucets connected to the shower head. There is no need to turn off the water supply throughout the entire home.

  2. Remove the old shower head

    Loosen the shower head by turning it with a wrench in a counter-clockwise position. Place a soft rag under the mouth of the wrench to avoid damaging the finish on the shower head or the connecting pipe.

  3. Clean the pipe

    Clean the pipe where the shower head attaches with a damp paper towel. Make sure to clean the threads thoroughly to ensure the new head goes on smoothly. Dry the pipe completely.

  4. Apply thread seal tape

    Wrap the threads on the pipe with thread seal tape by winding the tape around the thread area in a clockwise motion. Add two layers of tape to ensure a tight seal that is much less likely to leak.

  5. Screw on the new shower head

    Attach the new shower head to the pipe by screwing it in a clockwise motion over the thread seal tape.

  6. Test for leaks

    Turn on the water to the shower, and watch for leaks around the shower head. If there are leaks, tighten the shower head slowly with a wrench until the leaking stops.