How Do You Replace the Shear Pins on a Snowblower?


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Disconnect the spark plug and battery, remove the ignition key, and locate the shear pins near the auger housing on the bottom of the machine. Remove the old shear pin, and set the new shear pin into place. Tighten the nut securing the shear pin with a wrench.

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How Do You Replace the Shear Pins on a Snowblower?
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To easily access the shear pins, tilt the snow blower back so that it is lying on its handles. If the old shear pin broke inside the snow blower, small pieces of the pin may remain inside the machine. Remove the broken pieces of the shear pin with a hammer and punch.

When installing the new shear pin, align the holes in the auger shaft and gear shaft, and press the new shear pin through the aligned holes. Hold one end of the shear pin with a wrench to prevent the pin from moving. Place the washer on the appropriate end of the shear pin, and secure the nut using a second wrench.

After tightening the shear pin, examine and secure the auger shaft. The auger shaft should not turn after the shear pins are installed. Do not replace shear pins with bolts, as this may cause damage to the machine and injury to the machine operator. Replace the spark plug, and connect the battery.

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