How Do You Replace a Shark SV780 Battery?


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To replace a Shark SV780 battery, remove the single screw securing the battery compartment cover, remove the cover and slide the battery strap over to lift it out. Carefully remove the top battery pack and two side battery packs, and disconnect the terminals. After that, connect the terminals to the new battery packs, and then insert the side battery packs first and the top battery pack later. Finally, replace the battery strap, the compartment cover and the screw.

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The manufacturer advises never to open the battery compartment except for when replacing the battery pack. When connecting the terminals, make sure to connect the black lead to the negative connector first and then the red lead to the positive connector later. Tuck the wiring neatly so that it is completely folded inside the compartment and does not interfere with the cover when it is replaced.

The manufacturer warns consumers to use only the battery pack XBT779 provided by EURO-PRO Operating LLC for replacement, as use of other ordinary batteries may cause damage to the vacuum cleaner due to battery leakage. For safety reasons, never burn the battery pack or throw it into a fire. The batteries powering the Shark SV780 vacuum are Ni-Cd batteries, and they must be recycled or disposed of properly in accordance with state, federal and local laws.

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