How Do You Replace Security Door Hardware?


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To replace security door hardware, first take off the casing around the door to get access to any part of the door. If the part to replace is a hinge or a screw in the hinge, determine if it is a one-way screw. If so, use a one-way screw remover or security screwdriver from a hardware store or locksmith to remove the screws. If not, use a drill or screwdriver to remove the screws and have access to the hinges.

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For problems with the door jambs, find the jamb with the problem in the frame, and determine whether or not the screw is a one-way screw. Use the security screwdriver to remove a one-way screw, and release the problematic jamb. Some security doors contain hidden fasteners in the frame, which requires the removal of the frame if they are causing problems. Contact a professional to fix it, or carefully remove the frame with a pry bar, and use a sawzall blade to cut the fasteners.

To avoid damaging the door or the wall around the door, consider hiring a professional to fix hardware issues that require door removal. Replace stripped screws with screws that are either longer or thicker so that they catch onto the wall or door securely. Tighten all hinges, handles and the striker plate for doors that are not closing properly.

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