How Do You Replace Rubber Tracks?


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To replace rubber tracks on an excavator, set it up on blocks, detach the grease fitting from the excavator, and shift the track idler to the middle of the track using a pry bar. Collect all the grease that comes out and get rid of it. Take the tracks out, and put new ones in place. Return the grease fitting to its original location, and fill it up with new grease until the tracks fit well.

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If you are going to replace only one track of the vehicle, set only one side of it on the blocks to be able to access the tracks. Make sure to set up the blocks to be underneath the undercarriage of the vehicle. It is better to have several people do this part of the job, as the vehicle may be extremely heavy. The grease fitting is a small metal detail that is about 1/2 inch long, it is located close to the track idler, the large smooth wheel.

To detach the grease fitting, twist it counter-clockwise using a wench. Make sure to secure the grease fitting tightly on the excavator when you put in back in its location. Once you start adding grease, the track idler is going to move back to the edge of the tracks. Continue adding grease until both tracks fit on the vehicle the same.

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