How Do You Replace the Roof on a Shed?

How Do You Replace the Roof on a Shed?

To replace the roof on a shed, remove the roof cover using a pry bar. Unroll new felt onto the roof and secure it with nails. Remove tabs from some of the shingles, and attach the shingles to the bottom of the roof, then nail new shingles to the rest of the roof.

When removing old materials from the surface of the roof, start from the top of the roof, as it is easier to remove shingles if you push the pry bar downward. Make sure to remove one row at a time, moving across the roof to the other side.

Start attaching the shingles at the bottom left corner of the roof. Make sure that they cover the first layer of shingles. Attach each shingle using four to six nails.

After completing the first row of shingles, cut 6 inches off of the left side of one shingle, and attach it to begin the second row. Make sure that it doesn't cover 5 inches of the shingle tabs on the row below it.

Before starting the work, make sure you are using a sturdy ladder. Place the ladder 1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet of the length of the ladder.