How Do I Replace a Refrigerator Ice Maker's Copper Supply Line?


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In order for your refrigerator icemaker to work, water has to be piped into it through a small copper tube. This tube sometimes needs to be replaced. You can do this yourself by following a few simple steps.

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  1. Unplug your refrigerator

    Never do anything behind your fridge without make sure the power is off. Pull the refrigerator out far enough from the wall that you can work behind it easily.

  2. Turn the water supply line off

    The tubing connects to your home's water supply with a saddle-type valve or a compression tee near the main shutoff valve. Turn the water off and place a bucket under the valve to catch the water as it drains out.

  3. Unscrew the valve

    Use a wrench if necessary. Place the end of the tubing into the bucket, and allow the water to drain out completely.

  4. Remove the tubing from the back of the refrigerator

    Use a wrench if necessary to remove the tubing from the back of the refrigerator. Be careful not to damage the refrigerator.

  5. Measure how long the copper tubing is

    Measure the old copper tubing or measure the distance from the shutoff valve to the refrigerator. Be sure to leave a few extra feet of tubing to allow you to maneuver the refrigerator for cleaning. Purchase copper tubing in an adequate length if you don't already have it on hand.

  6. Replace with new copper tubing

    Thread the new copper tubing through the same access holes and screw the valves tight again, using compression sleeves if necessary.

  7. Turn the water valves on

    Check the valves for leaks. Tighten if necessary. If there is a leak, the valve might also need to be replaced.

  8. Run water through the refrigerator until clear

    Run the water dispenser or icemaker for a few minutes to pull water through the new copper tubing. Do this until the water is completely clear. Most manufacturers recommend running at least 3 gallons of water through the system to ensure the water is clean.

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