How Do You Replace Refrigerator Door Panels?

replace-refrigerator-door-panels Credit: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

To change the panels of a refrigerator, a person needs to purchase a panel kit. These kits are available in many colors and designs to match the kitchen, and they are easy to install. Instructions should also come with new panels to help during the installation process.

The old panels can be taken off of the door by loosening the screws at the top of the doors. Usually, this is done in a counter-clockwise turn by using a screwdriver. The trim should be pulled away from the refrigerator, as well as any magnets that hold them in place. Choose one of the panels, and pull it away from the trim, and then remove the other side in the same manner. Everything has to be removed before installing the new panels.

Install the new panels by sliding them into place. The end of the side trim should be placed under the edge of the top trim on each door. The trim pieces then need to be pushed into position on the edge of the door. The magnets have to catch the edge of the trim piece to make it secure. Once it catches, the screws at the top of the trim should be turned clockwise to keep the new panels from shifting. All of the pieces should be checked for security before the installation of the panels is complete.