How Do You Replace Refrigerator Door Gaskets?


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The procedure for replacing refrigerator door gaskets varies according to the model and make of the refrigerator. Mostly, it involves loosening the screws that hold the gasket onto the door, pulling out the old gasket, then installing a new gasket in the place of the old one.

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The replacement requires care and skill because the screws that secure the gasket to the door may also be holding the insulation of the refrigerator in place. First, start by gathering a replacement gasket that suits your refrigerator model. Next, prepare the new gasket for easier working by soaking it in hot water. Then, place the refrigerator in a good working position for easier access to the door.

Starting from the top outer corner of the refrigerator door, carefully loosen the screws that secure the gasket to the door. Loosen the screws halfway along the top and side of the door, and slowly pull out the gasket from the door.

To install the new gasket, slide it into the space beneath the metal retainer, securing the gasket along the panel length with screws as you move on. Once you have fitted the gasket along the entire length of the panel, shut the door and examine it for gaps. Redo the screws to fix any gaps.

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