How Do You Replace Pump Seals for a Pool Pump?

To replace pump seals, also called gaskets, from a pool pump, turn off the pump and relieve the pressure inside. Remove the bolts that hold the pump assembly to the pump housing and pull the two apart. Slip the old gasket off and replace with a new one.

Before beginning the repair, order the correct replacement seals from a reputable retailer. Do not take the pump apart before beginning the repairs because there are a lot of small pieces that may get lost easily. To replace pump seals, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the pump and relieve the pressure
  2. Turn off the power running to the pump and take note of the pressure on the pressure gauge. Turn the air relief valve counter-clockwise to release the air pressure to zero psi.

  3. Remove the motor pump assembly from the housing
  4. Remove the motor pump assembly from the housing by removing the bolts holding them together. Pull the assembly away from the housing.

  5. Remove the diffuser
  6. Pop off the pump diffuser.

  7. Clean the impeller if necessary
  8. Clean the impeller of any dirt and debris using a stiff wire brush or small screwdriver.

  9. Remove the diffuser gasket
  10. Slip the diffuser gasket off the diffuser. Place the new gasket on the diffuser.

  11. Use lubrication on the new gasket
  12. Place a thin layer of lubricant on the top of the diffuser gasket.

  13. Replace the diffuser
  14. Place the diffuser back on the pump.

  15. Remove the housing gasket
  16. Remove the housing gasket from the pool pump by gently pulling. Clean out the groove the gasket sits in.

  17. Insert the new seal
  18. Insert the new seal into the groove, using a quality lubricant to help. Avoid using substances such as Vaseline, as they can deteriorate the seal faster.

  19. Replace the motor assembly
  20. Replace the motor back into the pump housing. Replace the bolts back in and tighten in an alternating sequence.

  21. Prime the pump
  22. Prime the pump before turning it on by opening the strainer and filling the strainer pot.

  23. Turn on the pump
  24. Turn on the pump and allow it to pressurize the system. Close the air relief valve by turning it clockwise. Check the pressure.