How Do You Replace a Porch Column?


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To replace a porch column, raise the roof with a jack; remove any trim, screws, nails and brackets from the column; tap the bottom of the column with a hammer; remove the old column from the porch; measure it; cut the new column to match; and install it. The project should take less than two hours.

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  1. Support the roof

    Position a roof jack under the roof near the column to be removed. If needed, place a jack on the other side of the column.

  2. Remove the column trim and hardware

    With a pry bar, gently remove any trim from the column. Unscrew the brackets, and remove any nails.

  3. Remove the column

    To dislodge the column, softly hammer the base of it. Once the column is dislodged, pull it out and away from the porch.

  4. Trim the new column

    Measure the old column, and cut the new column down to size.

  5. Prepare the column

    Slide the capitals, or the square pieces, onto the top and bottom of the column, and fit the column into the ridges.

  6. Install the new column

    Stand the column on the porch in place of the old column. Add an L-shaped bracket on the top and bottom of the column. Face the brackets in opposite directions, and secure them with 1 1/2-inch screws. Position the column and the capitals under the roof, and secure the brackets to the porch. Remove the roof jacks when the installation is complete.

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