How Do You Replace a Pool Motor?


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Replacing a pool pump motor involves removing the motor mount bracket and the old motor from the pool pump, disconnecting the motor wiring, removing the pump impeller, replacing a pool pump seal with a new seal, detaching the motor from the bracket and placing a new motor in the place of the old one. Be sure to buy a new pool motor that suits your pool pump before attempting this task.

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Start by flipping off the power switch and circuit breaker that serve the pump to avoid a possible electric shock. Next, unbolt the motor mount bracket from the strainer basket housing, and separate the two, taking care not to remove the volute from the pump. Dislodge the mount bracket together with the motor from the place, and replace the gasket separating the strainer basket housing from the motor with a new one as needed. Remove the motor's electrical cover plate, and detach the electric wires from the motor, taking care not to forget how the motor is wired. Then, locate and disconnect the wires that connect the motor to the power switch, taking care to remember how the wires are attached, as well.

To remove the impeller, start by removing the volute from the impeller's top and uncovering the shaft end of the impeller. Remove the impeller with a box wrench. Once the impeller is off, remove the pool pump seal, attach a new seal in its place, and unbolt the motor from the mount. Reversing the entire procedure to put a new motor in place and reconnecting the power supply to the pump completes this process.

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