How Do You Replace Plywood Subflooring?

How Do You Replace Plywood Subflooring?

Replacing plywood subfloooring is an important part of a full floor replacement. The subflooring helps support and maintain the main flooring. Replacing plywood subflooring takes a few hours.

  1. Gather tools

    Replacing a plywood subflooring requires a drill, pry bar, tape measure, chalk line, screws, plywood flooring. You also need three different types of saws: circular, reciprocating and jigsaw.

  2. Remove old floor

    Before you remove the old plywood floor by cutting away sections with a reciprocating saw, make sure to pull out any nails in the area with the pry bar and to turn off all power in the room in case the saw comes across any wires. You can also have a spotter watch from below to spot for any wires of which you may be unaware. Snap a chalk line alongside joist lines and use a circular saw to cut alongside while pulling out the remaining nails

  3. Measure and cut new plywood floor

    Carefully measure and cut new plywood floor sections with the circular saw. Use the jigsaw to make necessary indentations for vents and so forth. While putting in the new floor sections with adhesive and screws, use old wood on top of joists to make it easier to maneuver.