How Do You Replace the Plastic Grids of Windows?


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Replacing a plastic window grid involves removing the existing grid with a putty knife before mounting and installing the replacement grid. Window grids are typically basic square patterns that fit inside windows to improve their visual appeal. Grids are typically made up of thin strips of wood pinned together with half-lap joints, preformed plastic or vinyl that is cut to shape.

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Remove the existing grid by inserting the tip of a putty knife between the grid and glass anywhere along the perimeter of the window frame. After removing the existing grid, ensure all glass surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and dried before installing the replacement. Some plastic window grid kits can be simply snapped into place while others may require assembly using press-fit connectors or similar hardware.

Drop ready-mount grids into place. Use a hammer and small block of wood at the corners to ensure a snug fit. Other grids must be set against the angled edge of the sash frame and cut until they mate with the beveled edge of the window. Grids should be test fitted against the window angle before installation. Trim any edges as needed to ensure a proper fit. Plastic window grids may also utilize hooks, loops or fastening tape in order to ensure secure placement and mounting.

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