How Do You Replace a Patio Door Roller Assembly?

How Do You Replace a Patio Door Roller Assembly?

To replace a patio door roller assembly, first remove the screen to the doors. Remove the stationary unit and the sliding unit. Remove the old rollers, and replace them with new ones. This project requires a screw driver and possibly a rubber mallet and wood block to gently tap on the assembly if it proves difficult to remove.

  1. Remove the stationary unit

    Lift one side of the frame. Take a screwdriver, and lift the bottom rollers off of the track. Do this to both ends of the screen door. Take the screen door off of the track. Remove the metal plate that is at the bottom of the track on the stationary door, and remove the screws or clips on the upper and inside corners of the stationary unit. Then remove the stationary door from the frame.

  2. Remove the sliding unit

    If more room is needed between the unit and the frame, raise the wheels back. To do this, twist the screws clockwise. When the rollers are adjusted, remove the door from the frame.

  3. Remove the old rollers from the frame

    On aluminum doors, removal of the bottom part of the frame is necessary. Remove the screws from both sides of the frame to gain access to the rollers. If the doors are vinyl, remove the screws on the outside corner at the bottom of the frame. Remove the top screws, and then remove the rollers.

  4. Install the new rollers, and place the doors back in the frame.

    Place the new rollers on the frame. Adjust the rollers to be at the highest point of the frame to make installing the doors in easier. Once the sliding unit is in, adjust the rollers as desired. Reinstall the sliding door by placing the top in first. Reinstall the stationary door to its original position. Fasten it back to the frame with clips or screws, and the reinstall the screen door.