How Do You Replace an Oven Thermostat?


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To replace an oven's thermostat, locate the thermostat assembly in the oven, then remove the old thermostat by disconnecting the capillary tube and sensor bulb and unscrewing the thermostat from the control panel. To install the new thermostat, the process is then essentially reversed.

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The most important step in replacing an oven's thermostat is to shut off the electricity at the circuit breaker or fuse panel. Typically, the electricity delivered in such a setting is 220 volts, which can easily kill an adult if still active. The location of the thermostat itself depends on the model oven.

On free-standing ranges, the thermostat is typically found behind the back panel. However, built-in models may require one to remove a backsplash before the rear panel can be accessed. It is important to consult a manual or manufacturer website to determine the terrain involved with each individual case.

When removing the tube and sensor bulb, push them through the back wall of the range, being mindful the entire time not to break the capillary tube wire, which is flammable. After removing the screws holding down the thermostat, carefully pull it out, making sure not to disturb the integrity of the wires or their contacts. Next, replace the sensor bulb with new one, and thread it back into the interior of the range, mounting it in the proper position. The new thermostat itself can now be positioned inside, the wires reconnected and the screws anchoring it to the control panel replaced.

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