How Do You Replace the Oven Sensor on a Tappan Double Oven Range?


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Replace the oven sensor on a Tappan oven by removing the oven temperature sensor probe and installing a new sensor, making sure screws are tight. You need work gloves, needle-nose pliers and a 1/4-inch nut driver to complete this task. The sensor measures the oven temperature and keeps it constant.

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Make sure the oven is cool to the touch with all power turned off to the oven before replacing the oven sensor, and wear work gloves. Take out the oven racks, then remove the oven temperature sensor probe, allowing access to the wire connector. Use needle-nose pliers to access the wires, remove the locking tab, and disconnect the wires as the temperature sensor is pulled away. Don't let the connector slip back into the hole, as to retrieve it, the entire back of the oven must be removed.

Next, install the new temperature sensor by attaching the locking tab to the connector. Push the wire back into the wall of the oven, and line up the holes for the mounting screws. Install these screws tightly enough that the housing does not move. At this point, the repair is complete. Restore the power to the oven and, if applicable, turn the gas back on.

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