How Do You Replace an Oven Light?

How Do You Replace an Oven Light?

How Do You Replace an Oven Light?

To replace an oven light, unplug the oven and unscrew the bulb. Screw a new bulb into the socket and plug the oven back in.

Replacing an oven light is quick and easy. To replace a burnt-out oven bulb, use the following steps.

  1. Let the oven cool
  2. If the bulb burns out while the oven is on, let the oven cool completely before attempting to replace it.

  3. Unplug the oven
  4. Unplug the oven as a safety measure.

  5. Locate the light
  6. Use a flashlight to light up the inside of the oven. This makes it easier to find the light. The bulb may be housed behind a cover.

  7. Un-clip the cover
  8. Gently pull at the cover to remove it. If it does not come off, try giving it a careful twist.

  9. Unscrew the light bulb
  10. Cover the bulb with a tissue in case the glass breaks. Gently unscrew the bulb from its socket.

  11. Find a replacement bulb
  12. Be sure to use the correct kind of bulb in the oven. Use the old bulb as a reference or look up the correct type in the oven's user manual.

  13. Replace the bulb and cover
  14. Screw the new bulb into the socket. Place the cover back on top of the bulb.

  15. Turn on the power and test the oven
  16. Plug the oven back in. Turn it on to make sure the new bulb works.