How Do You Replace an Oven Lamp on a Kenmore Elite Microwave?

To replace the oven lamp on a Kenmore Elite microwave, purchase a 20-watt bulb, unplug the microwave, unscrew the vent covers, and remove the grill. Remove the old bulb, and screw in the newly purchased bulb. Wear protective gloves to avoid finger prints on the bulb.

  1. Purchase an oven lamp

    Locate a retail store certified as a Kenmore dealer, and purchase a 20-watt replacement bulb for the microwave. Replacement oven lamps can also be purchased online through Kenmore or certified retailers.

  2. Prepare the unit

    Unplug the microwave to avoid risk of electrical shock. Open the microwave door, and unscrew the vent covers above the microwave door with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the vents, and slide the grill to the left, ultimately removing the grill from the microwave. The bulb holder should be visible at this point. Unscrew the bulb holder to allow access to the bulb.

  3. Change the bulb

    Remove the old oven lamp by unscrewing it from the base of the bulb. Insert the replacement bulb, and screw it in securely. Re-insert the bulb holder, and screw the bolt back in place to protect the oven lamp. Place the grill back into the microwave, and screw the vent covers back in place. Plug in the machine to test the oven lamp.