How Do You Replace Mobile Home Windows?


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To replace a mobile home window, unscrew the old window, remove the window and its frame, clean off the old putty from the frame, apply new putty, and screw in place a new window. Check the new window to ensure that it is square and opens without bending.

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Measure the old window, and check if it is mounted in order to make the installation easy and quick. This also ensures that the new window is the same size as the old one. Unscrew the window from its place with a drill. Consult your mobile home manufacturer in order to buy the correct window.

Use a wire brush to remove all the old putty from the frame. Once clean, apply a layer of new putty onto the frame. To protect against moisture, apply two layers of the putty to the top of the window opening.

Using new screws that are the same size as the old ones, fasten them in the middle of the holes on all sides of the frame. Ensure that all the screws are in place before tightening them. Test the window to ensure that it is square and opens or closes without bending, and then tighten all other screws, including the corner screws. Put a sealant all along the space between the window and sliding.

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