How Do You Replace the Mesh on Removable Window Screens?


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Replace the mesh on removable window screens by removing the rubber spline and old mesh from the frame. Cut the new mesh so it is 1 inch larger than the frame and then begin installing new spline at one corner of the frame. Continue using the spline roller to press the rubber into the groove on all four sides of the frame. Trim the excess mesh with a utility knife.

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Choices for mesh include aluminum or fiberglass. Fiberglass mesh is more forgiving and allows several attempts for a perfect finish. Aluminum mesh bends to the shape of the groove as the installer adds the spline and gives only one chance for correct installation. A third option is sun-shading mesh, which is heavier than normal mesh and provides shade for the windows.

The spline holds the screen in the frame and creates tension during the installation process. It sometimes creates enough tension to bend the frame. Prevent this type of damage by working on a flat wooden surface and screwing wood blocks to it just inside the long sides of the frame. After installing two adjacent sides of the spline, place a heavy object, like a brick, in the center of the screen before installing the remaining two sides. Remove the object when installation is complete.

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