How Do You Replace a Maytag Drip Pan?


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To replace a drip pan in a Maytag refrigerator, open the grille that provides access to it. This may be on the front or the back, depending on the model, so the owner's manual has this information for each specific refrigerator. Slide the new pan in before replacing the grille.

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Over time, drip pans develop wear and tear on the bottom of a refrigerator. If a unit is leaking water on the floor, replacing the drip pan may be necessary. The purpose of the pan is to catch excess water during the defrosting process, and dirt and water in a drip pan can cause the pan to decay before the water evaporates.

Finding the pan that is compatible with your refrigerator is important. This information may appear in the owner's manual, but if it is not, contacting Maytag support provides the necessary information. Maytag's support team can also indicate the most convenient location for purchasing a replacement pan.

To maximize safety, unplug the refrigerator before beginning the job. Then, roll the refrigerator out from the wall to see if there is moisture under the unit to clean up. While it's out, this is a good time to clean the refrigerator coils with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. After the floor is clean and the new drip pan is in, plug the refrigerator back in, and roll it back into place.

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