How Do You Replace a Marco Fireplace Manual?

View a replacement manual for a Marco fireplace at Read the manual on your web browser, or download it as a PDF file and print it out for future reference. The manual that is available at is for the DWF36GO-3, DWF36GOI-3, DWF36F-3 and DWF36FI-3 fireplaces.

The manual for the DWF models contains comprehensive installation instructions, with sections dedicated to choosing a location, framing the fireplace and various fireplace designs. Operating instructions are included towards the end of the manual.

The manual recommends considering foot traffic, nearby doors and windows and required clearances when selecting the fireplace's location. The fireplace can be installed so that it is either flush with the wall or projecting out into the room. If it projects out, consider using natural materials such as stone as a face material.

The fireplace must not be mounted on a soft surface such as a carpeted floor. The manual recommends installing it on plywood, wood flooring or a raised platform. If the flooring surface is combustible, use a non-combustible hearth extension in front of the fire to protect the floor.

Open the damper lever at the front of the fireplace before operating the fire. Smoke enters the room if the lever is closed when the fire is turned on. Wait until the fire has died completely before closing the damper. If it is closed too early, burning logs can release dangerous gases into the room.