How Do You Replace a Malfunctioning High-Limit Dryer Thermostat?


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To replace a high-limit thermostat, unplug the dryer, remove the back panel, and locate the high-limit thermostat near the dryer's heating element. Remove the thermostat and connecting wires, set the new thermostat in place, reconnect the wires, and reassemble the dryer to complete the repairs.

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After unplugging the dryer, move it away from the wall and remove the back panel. The high-limit thermostat is typically located near the heating element, at the bottom of the dryer inside the back panel. Refer to the owner's manual to determine the exact placement of the high-limit thermostat. Disconnect the wires connected to the high-limit thermostat using a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers. Take note of the position of the wires to ensure they are connected to the new high-limit thermostat properly.

Remove the high-limit thermostat with a nut driver or screwdriver, and set the new thermostat in place. Replace the screws to secure the new high-limit thermostat, and reconnect the wires in the appropriate slots. Replace the panel, and plug the dryer in to test it. As some model dryers have two high-limit thermostats, it may be necessary to remove and replace the second high-limit thermostat to ensure the dryer functions properly after the repairs.

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