How Do You Replace a Lintel?


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According to DIY Doctor's Mike Edwards, replacing a lintel requires taking down sufficient wall to access the lintel, removing the lintel, replacing it and then rebuilding the wall. While the lintel is being replaced, props are required to support the wall and prevent it from falling down. Edwards suggests using temporary support equipment such as Acrow props for this purpose.

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Helifix, a manufacturer of building supplies, developed a fast, cheap way to replace the function of a lintel in walls that have failing lintels or no lintel at all. The process consists of inserting Helibars into concealed channels cut out above the window. Helibars use a combination of a helical metal bar and grout to support the masonry above the window. If necessary, install DryFix ties vertically above the window to spread the structural load. All of this work is done externally, so after repointing, the repair work cannot be seen.

Despite the effort and time involved in replacing a lintel, homeowners can take preventative measures to avoid such a situation. According to Michael Olding of Handy Home Pro, applying a masonry sealer as soon as cracks are noticed above a window or door can often delay the need for lintel replacement.

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