How Do You Replace a Lighting Fixture and Outlet?


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The process of replacing lighting fixtures and outlets involves disconnecting the power, removing existing fixtures and hardware, wiring the new fixture or outlet, securing it in place and replacing the exterior cover or trim. For safety purposes, always disconnect power from the main junction box before beginning the process.

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Remove the outlet cover, as well as the base and trim of the fixture, with a screwdriver. Remove the old wire connectors and untwist fixture wires from the installation wires. Inspect the electrical box and tighten any screws until it is securely positioned and able to withstand the weight of a new fixture. Ensure the grounding wire is attached to the wall or ceiling. Replace any electrical box that may be unsuitable for the new installation.

When wiring the new fixture or outlet, follow the manufactures instructions for matching the wires. Typically black and white fixture and installation wires connect to each other, and the green wire will serve as the ground. Remove the insulation from the tips using wire strippers, and wrap bare sections to the wire together before covering them with wire connectors. Secure the outlet base or fixture canopy, and replace exterior trim and covers before restoring power and testing the operation of the fixture or outlet.

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