How Do You Replace Lantern Glass?


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To replace a lantern glass, cut the glass to the necessary shape and size, remove the old glass if needed, and insert the new glass in the hole at the top of the door of the lantern. If you are replacing the glass in lantern panes, pull the tabs on the back of the panes outward, insert the glass, and push the tabs inward to hold the glass in place.

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Wear protective goggles or glasses and gloves when replacing the glass in a lantern to avoid getting cut. Lanterns often require glass of unusual shape, so you may need to cut the glass yourself if you can't find a suitable spare.

To cut glass, clean the surface where you plan to cut the glass, place a straightedge on the glass, and coat the cutting line with some oil. Move the glass cutter along the cutting line firmly but without pressing too much. If glass flakes appear, make sure you've applied oil and that you're not pressing the glass cutter into the surface too much. The glass cutter is not supposed to cut the glass; it should only weaken it.

Once one line is complete, break the glass piece in two at the cutting line. Complete the same process to cut all the other sides of the glass piece. If the edges of the piece are rough, smooth them using a damp emery cloth.

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