How Do You Replace a Laminate Countertop?


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To replace a laminate countertop, first turn off the water supply to the sink. Disconnect the hot and cold water lines and the drain’s P-trap. Remove the sink, and then switch off electricity to the area. Check whether the counter is level and that the laminate is intact before laying the new laminate directly on top of the old one.

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Measure, cut and screw a plywood board over the old laminate surface. Using a jigsaw with a fine blade, cut a hole for the sink, and then secure the plywood board to the old counter surface. Mark the hole for the sink on the new laminate. Position the piece of laminate that covers the top of the backsplash into place, and even the edges using a belt sander.

To the rear of the laminate, apply an adhesive, and then place it down onto the counter surface. When cornering two laminate pieces, pay close attention to the points at which two edges join. Apply a coat of adhesive to the edges and the end cap pieces. Use a belt sander to smooth and shape the laminate edge to the countertop.

Apply a bead of silicon sealant around the sink’s lips to ensure a watertight bond. Secure the sink to the counter, and attach the drain and water supply lines beneath it. Twist the valve in a counterclockwise motion to turn on water to the sink. If necessary, replace the covers to all the switches and electrical plug-ins before switching on the electricity.

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