How Do You Replace a KitchenAid Grill Water Filter?


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Before replacing the filter, it is important to dispense water for a minimum of two minutes to ensure that the filter does not eject because of trapped air in the filter and cartridge. The official KitchenAid website explains, to avoid personal injury and possibly damaging the machine, wait. o replace the filter, first remove the filter that is currently in the KitchenAid grill. To do this, turn the filter counter-clockwise,

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After the filter releases from the filter head, drain the excess water into a sink or other drainage device. Dispose of the filter in normal trash; it is not recyclable. Next, wipe the water from the filter cover, and then install the new filter. To install the new filter, put the filter in the filter head, and turn the filter clockwise. Fill the filter back up with enough water to cover the filter, or the appropriate amount stated on the filter. Finally, it is important to flush the water through the system to ensure that no debris entered the main lines.

A KitchenAid grill water filter can be bought at a number of retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowe's. Higher quality water and lower water usage result in a longer filter life.

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