How Do You Replace the Ignitor of Your Amana Dryer?


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Replacing an Amana dryer ignitor involves many steps and should be done with extreme care as there are potential dangers in the process. Power and gas connections need to be turned off before any repairs take place.

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Amana recommends that repairs be done by qualified professionals and does not assume any responsibility for physical harm or damage to the appliance caused by improper repairs. To find a qualified repair technician, contact Amana customer service.

Whirlpool manufactures Amana appliances, and the website, Dryer Not Heating, provides instructions on how to replace the ignitor in a Whirlpool dryer. First, unplug the dryer. Remove the lint screen and the two screws near its opening. Stick a putty knife under the main top to release the spring clips, and lift the top up. Disconnect the door switch wires before removing the front panel screws, and then remove the front panel carefully.

Depress the pulley at the bottom of the drum to release and un-thread the belt. Use the belt to lift out the drum, and be wary of sharp edges. The ignitor is located under the burner tube. Disconnect the wires and loosen the screws, and remove the old piece. Install the new ingitor, being careful not to touch the heating element, and secure it with the mounting screws. Reassemble the dryer, and plug it back in.

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