How Do I Replace the Igniter in My Gas Stove?


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Replacing the igniter on a gas stove can be done by carefully unscrewing the old component, removing it from the wiring, then wiring and screwing in the new piece. Before starting this repair, turn off the power to the stove and remove the burner to get access to the igniter.

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The igniter is usually secured to the burner by screws, so remove the screws first, and then remove the wires. If there are no visible screws, it's possible that the igniter unplugs. Igniters that have wires are a bit more labor intensive. The wires must be stripped then reconnected with the new igniter. To do this, special ceramic wire connectors must be used.

To strip the wires, about 1/2 inch of insulation should be removed from the wire with a stripping tool. Then, connect the bare wire to the new igniter. The ends of the stripped wires should be aligned with the ceramic connectors, then twisted to stay in place. The igniter should then be reassembled in reverse order, before the stove is reconnected to a power source and tested.

It is important for homeowners to remember that even if the igniter is glowing, it still may be faulty and need to be replaced.

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