How Do You Replace the Ice Maker on a GE Refrigerator?


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The only tool needed to replace an ice maker in a GE refrigerator is a Phillips head screwdriver. Don't start the replacement until the refrigerator is unplugged. Once it is, the old ice maker is easily removed by unscrewing the bolts that keep it in place.

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Before installing the new ice maker, it is best to clean the walls and ice tray area in order to keep the new ice clean and tasting good. With the new ice maker in hand, connect the water line, then line up the prongs of the power plug and push it into place. When connected, line up the mounting brackets with the screw holes on the wall of the freezer and tighten them as much as possible by hand. Once the ice maker is relatively secure, further tighten the screws or bolts until tight.

At this point, make sure the on and off arm raises and lowers easily. Put it in the down position to turn on the unit, and then plug the power cord into the wall socket. Ensure the water supply is turned on and wait a couple of hours. If no ice is produced, try lowering the temperature. If the ice maker still doesn't produce ice, it may need a replacement water supply valve.

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