How do you replace a home thermostat?


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Replace a home thermostat by turning off the power supply to the unit, and removing the face of the thermostat. Disconnect wires from the old thermostat, and remove the mounting plate. Put on the new thermostat mounting plate, connect the wires appropriately, fix the new face, and power the unit.

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Avoid electrocution by turning off power supply to the air conditioning unit from the circuit breaker box. Remove the outer cover of the thermostat by either snapping it off or by unscrewing with a screwdriver. Unscrew the electrical wires from the thermostat, and mark each terminal using masking tape and a felt pen. Wrap the wire ends on a pencil to prevent them from pulling back into the wall outlet. Unscrew to remove the old mounting plate.

Attach the new mounting plate on the spot where the old one rested, pull the wires, and insert them to the receptors of the mounting plate. Match the marked terminals with the letters marked on the mounting plate. Level the mounting plate on the wall, then tighten it using screws. Mount on the face of the new thermostat, and screw it to position. Turn on the power supply to the thermostat, and configure the unit.

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