How Do You Replace Hedge Trimmer Blades?


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Replacing hedge trimmer blade involves obtaining a new blade that is similar to the old one, removing the old the blade from the trimmer and installing the new blade. Before attempting blade replacement, examine the old blade to ensure that it does not function, even after sharpening. Use safety goggles, gloves and a replacement blade to complete this task.

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To obtain a new blade, record the model and brand number of the old blade, take the recorded details to a store that sells blades, and order a blade of the same number. To remove the old blade, put on the gloves and goggles, and press the eject button on the trimmer, which releases the blade from its place. Pulling the blade from the trimmer completes the process. To avoid possible mistakes, refer to the owner's manual for specific removal instructions.

To install the new blade, press the eject button, and insert the blade into the slot left by the old blade. Release the button to hold the blade in place firmly. One way to test the new blade is to try trimming a hedge with it. In case the blade does not function as expected, check for any installation defects, and fix them as necessary.

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