How Do You Replace the Heating Element in a Toaster?


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To replace a toaster's heating element, lift off the toaster's base, remove the metal plate holding the elements in place, take out the faulty element, screw in the new one and slide it into place before reconnecting the wires. Additionally, ensure the new element matches the toaster's make and model.

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How Do You Replace the Heating Element in a Toaster?
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After unplugging and cleaning out the toaster, flip it upside down before unscrewing and removing the base. Unscrew the pair of nuts that secure the heating elements to a metal plate to gain access to the elements. Unscrew the red and blue wires that deliver electric current to the elements, and carefully push these wires out of the way. Gently lift the elements just enough so that you can access them, and remove the elements one at a time until you reach the faulty one. The elements of a toaster contain very thin wires, so be careful not to damage them during the process.

Put the new element in place, and replace the applicable bolts. Put the elements in their proper places before replacing the wires, screwing the metal plate back on and replacing the base. Stand the toaster on its feet to plug it in, and turn it on to discover if the repair worked. Keep in mind that tampering with a toaster may void its warranty.

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