How Do You Replace the Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer?

To replace a broken heating element in a Samsung dryer, remove the top panel on the back of the dryer, remove the old heating element, test the heating element using a multimeter, and put a new heating element in place. Attach all assembly components to the new element.

Disconnect the dryer vent and power cord, and slide the appliance away from the wall before removing the screws from the top cover and sliding it off. Remove the guide screws, pull out the six clips, and disconnect the connecting wires to remove the control panel. Next, remove the screws attaching the front panel to the dryer, and open the door to unscrew two additional screws. Locate the heating element near the bottom right side of the dryer, and remove the thermostat, thermal fuse and wires, as well as the mounting screw to pull out the element.

Use a multimeter or ohm meter to check whether the heating element is burnt out. A functioning element shows a reading of 9 to 10 ohms, while a bad element shows no reading. If the element is bad, connect the wires and thermostat to a new element, and secure the element in the drum using the mounting screw. Put the front panel, control unit and top cover back in place.