How Do You Replace the Heating Element on a GE Electric Dryer?

Replace GE dryer heating elements by removing the broken coils and replacing them with a stretched dryer heating element. In GE dryers, the best approach is to replace both coils even if only one is out.

Many GE dryers have the heating element at the back of the machine. Accessing the heating element requires removing the top of the dryer, and then removing the drum. With these models, the installer attaches the coils to insulated holders. He should avoid overstretching the coils to prevent them from sagging. Sagging coils that touch other metal parts of the dryer burn up and require subsequent replacement.

On models with lower heating elements, the top and drum remain in place and access is through a panel below the dryer door. The heating element for these units is on an aluminum panel that slides into place, so there is no need to stretch the coils.

Before working on an electric dryer, it is important to unplug the machine from the power outlet and to recheck the plug before touching any electrical components inside the machine. Upon disassembling the machine for replacing the power cords, the installer should check for lint buildup in the machine. Excess lint is a fire hazard and requires removal to improve safety when operating the machine.