How Do You Replace the Heating Element in a GE Dryer?


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To replace the heating element in a GE dryer, remove the front and back panels, slide out the drum, remove the heating element, install the replacement, reassemble the dryer, and plug it in. The required supplies include a Torx wrench, a screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers and a nut driver.

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Unplug the dryer, disconnect it from the vent, and pull it away from the wall. Unscrew the rear panel with a nut driver, remove it, unscrew the front panel, and swing it open. Leave the wires connected. Push the pulley away from the dryer belt, and unscrew the drum. Pull the drum and belt out of the dryer to expose the heating element and insulator.

Remove the terminal bolts, cut the heating element into several pieces, and pull them out through the insulator. Work slowly to avoid damaging the insulator. Snip and discard the old wires. Wind the new heating element around the insulator, starting on the side farthest from the terminal and working toward it. Bolt the heating element in place, and connect it to the terminal with needle-nose pliers.

Replace the drum and dryer belt, and guide the belt around the pulley. Reattach the drum screws, replace the dryer's front and back panels, and screw them in place. Reconnect the dryer hose to the vent duct, push the dryer toward the wall, and plug it in.

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