How Do You Replace a Heating Element on a Bosch Nexxt Dryer?

To replace a heating element on a Bosch Nexxt dryer, unplug the dryer's power cord, and unscrew the front bottom panel of the dryer. The heating element is typically set in a rectangular frame. Remove the element, and replace it with a new heating element.

You can purchase a new heating element through Bosch or a local parts dealer, as of March 2015. The heating element has wires connected to it that you can remove with pliers when disconnecting it. Connect these wires to the new heating element, and set the element in the frame. Finally, attach the front bottom panel.

Heating problems may result from an issue other than the heating element. One of the switches on the breaker for the dryer could be switched off, or the dryer might have a blown fuse. The moisture sensor could also be dirty. Clean the sensor at least once per month. The dryer motor can overheat during periods of heavy usage, so shut off the dryer for 30 minutes if it does.

A blockage in the exhaust vent can cause a lack of heat. If air isn't flowing through the vent when the dryer is in use, the vent is blocked. When the dryer is off, clean the vent by hand or with a vacuum.