How Do You Replace a Heater Motor?


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To replace a heater blower motor in a car, gather a wrench set, 3/8-inch socket set, 3/8-inch ratchet and a screwdriver. Safety is also a priority, so ensure all safety equipment, including glasses and gloves, are used during the repair.

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To get ready to remove the heater blower motor, disconnect the negative battery cable, then locate the blower motor. In some cars, the blower motor is inside of the engine compartment, but in others, the it is located directly behind the dashboard or glove box. When you locate the blower, disconnect the electrical connector.

Since the blower motor is located inside of housing, the screws or bolts holding the housing together must be removed. Save the screws or bolts in a safe place, as they need to be used when putting it all back together. When the housing is open, the blower motor may be removed. Keep in mind that some blower motors come with a fan assembly. If this is the case, the fan assembly may also need to be removed. Typically, this is as simple as removing a retaining nut or washer, but make sure to reattach it correctly when the new blower motor is installed.

Take the new blower motor, place it into the housing, and close it inside. Attach the electrical connector and negative battery cable, then test the car. If the heater works, is successful

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