How Do You Replace the Handle on a Maytag Microwave Door?


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Replacing a handle on a Maytag microwave is similar to the procedure on any other microwave, and is done by separating the parts of the microwave door to access the screws for the current handle. Once these screws are exposed, it is simple to unscrew and replace the handle.

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To access the screws holding the current handle in place, the door must be taken apart. Each section can be removed by using a putty knife or flathead screwdriver. To remove the first layer, or choke, carefully insert the knife between the choke and the surrounding frame to loosen it. Continue to loosen it all around the perimeter of the door until it comes off easily. Forcing it off may damage it irreparably, so being gentle is essential.

Some, but not all microwaves, have a second metal frame inside the door. This is removed in a similar manner to the choke, by gently prying it away with a putty knife or screwdriver. When this is removed, the screws holding the current handle will be visible. Simply unscrew these screws and remove the handle, then install the new handle. Take care when reassembling the microwave door parts so as not to damage them.

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