How Do You Replace a Handle on a Delta Faucet?


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To replace a handle on a Delta faucet, first identify the specific type of faucet. Order the specific replacement handle from the Delta Customer Service Center. Unscrew the existing handle with an Allen wrench and fit in the replacement handle.

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Visit the website of the Delta company to order a handle replacement. The website provides a step by step process to identify a specific model and product number, and you can contact customer support via phone in case the product is not available. To start the replacement, shut off water supply valves. Then open the handles to release any pressure in the plumbing system.

Most handles have a small button under the handle. Remove the button to reveal the set screw beneath it. Loosen the screw using an Allen wrench, where the size of the Allen wrench is dependent on the size of the screw, and remove the handle. Attach the replacement handle, and tighten the set screw to make it firm. Cover the screw with the button provided.

Use the handle stop below the handle to change the orientation of the handle. Lift the handle stop and rotate it 90 degrees. Once the handle is attached, open the water valves to make sure water flows properly and without leaks.

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