How Do You Replace a Glass Top Gas Range?


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Replace a glass cooktop on a range by unscrewing and loosening the old cooktop, removing it, then putting the new one in place. Only a screwdriver is needed to replace most glass cooktops. Replacement glass tops can be ordered through a home improvement store.

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How Do You Replace a Glass Top Gas Range?
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Before beginning, unplug the stove if it's an electric range. A glass cooktop is most often held in place by two screws at the front. Unscrew them and then loosen the top. Lift the cooktop up and gently pull the back of it out of its hinge. To install the new glass cooktop, retrace these steps in reverse order. If the glass cooktop on a stovetop needs to be replaced, the brackets holding it in place are usually found in the cabinet under the cooktop.

Some may not want to spend the money on a new top, or the damage on a glass cooktop may be too minor to warrant spending the hundreds of dollars sometimes needed for a brand new replacement top. In this case, homeowners may want to investigate Porc-a-Fix, a product used to mend nicks and cracks in high-temperature glass surfaces. Porc-a-Fix is available online at the Fixture-Fix website. Fixture-Fix manufactures a family of glazes and fillers made specifically to mend cooking glass and certain other glasses exposed to heat.

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