How to You Replace a Glass Table Top?

How to You Replace a Glass Table Top?

To replace a glass table top, note the shape, style, thickness and measurements of the top. Also, note the table frame's design, and determine the type of glass edge and tints desired. Use these notes to place an order for the replacement glass top.

To replace the glass table top, first draw its shape accurately on printer paper, using a ruler or a stencil. Normally, glass table tops are available in rectangle, circle, oval, square and octagon shapes. However, if the top is shaped oddly, trace the shape on a large sheet of paper.

Then, measure the top's dimensions in inches using a measuring tape. Also, measure the top's thickness and the dimensions of the place on which the glass is to sit.

When writing the order for the glass top, specify the replacement top's measurements and shape required. Additionally, specify the type of glass edge, corners and tints desired. Choose between plain, seamed and finished edges. Options available in the latter include pencil, beveled, flat and waved edges.

Specify if a clear or color tinted glass is desired. Indicate if the glass is to have a hole and, if so, where it should be located. Also, indicate the table's base or frame by using a broken line.

Finally, get in touch with a glass company, request an estimate and place the order.