How Do You Replace Glass on an Oven Door?


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To replace glass on an oven door, remove the screws and brackets from the inside of the door, pull back the tabs holding the glass, and gently pull the glass out of the oven. Insert the new panels, push the tabs down, and secure the brackets with screws.

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  1. Remove the door

    Unlock the hinges, and pull out the oven door. If you need further help, review the owner's manual for specific instructions.

  2. Disassemble the door

    Remove the exterior trim from around the door. Undo any screws, and remove the brackets holding the glass. Then pull up on the tabs holding the glass panel in place.

  3. Remove the glass

    Gently and slowly lift the glass, and pull it away from the door. Carefully set aside the glass because it does break easily. If the glass is damaged, avoid letting glass shards fall in the oven. Be prepared to remove additional glass panels.

  4. Replace the glass

    Insert the glass panel into the door, and push the tabs down to secure the glass. Repeat this step for any additional glass panels.

  5. Reassemble the door

    Replace the brackets or hold-downs, and secure them with the screws. Reattach the exterior side paneling, and then reinstall the oven door.

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