How Do You Replace a Glass Globe in a Light Fixture?

How Do You Replace a Glass Globe in a Light Fixture?

Replace a glass globe light fixture by removing the broken fixture, measuring the fixture for a new globe and installing it. You need a screwdriver, step stool, screws, a tape measure and a globe fixture. This takes about 30 minutes.

  1. Set up the step stool

    Place a step stool beneath the light fixture that needs the glass replaced. Before using the stool, make sure it is steady. Step up to the necessary height so that you can reach the light easily.

  2. Remove the broken glass globe

    Using the screwdriver, loosen the screws on the broken or old fixture. Unscrew the fixture, and remove it. Save the screws in case you need them for the new fixture.

  3. Measure for a new fixture

    Stretch the tape measure through the center of the cup, which is the base to which you attach the fixture. Measure from one edge of the cup to the other edge of the cup.

  4. Purchase a new fixture

    Purchase a new glass globe fixture with an opening that fits the measurements of the base.

  5. Install the new fixture

    Remove the fixture from its package. Set any screws aside. Align the base of the globe in the appropriate grooves. Twist the fixture into place. Fasten the screws.